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Art Director/Concept Artist

Art Director/Concept Artist


About Me

I have worked in video games, comics, and cartoons for the last 9 years both in-studio and freelance. I am always looking for opportunities to lend my skills to a project.

Additional work can be seen at zatransis.deviantart.com and www.bigmenaceindustires.com

LinkedIn Page: www.linkedin.com/in/themike


Hey turds,

I just swept through as quickly as possible to bring this page up to "somewhat current" status. Until I do a real update, please check out my most recent work at zatransis.deviantart.com

Thanks for stopping by.

Side Note:

Depending on your display, some images can be viewed larger than the "zoomed in" view. To view them simply right click on the zoomed in image and select "View Image". This will take you to a standard browser view of it and the image will be at it's original size.
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